A downloadable game for Windows

Timelines is a procedural population generator.  Timelines creates an entire population across multiple family lines, over several generations.  The end result is a life story, and a history for thousands of NPCs, each of whom are ready to have their history and story written.

  • WSAD - Fly around
  • Right Mouse Button - Hold to look around
  • Click on an NPC to see their history
  • Click on a connection line to zoom to the person at the end of the connection.
  • Click on the ground to deselect

NPC People assets provided by:

Devil's Garage 

Install instructions

Download, and run Timelines.exe.  Set the number of family lines, and number of generations.  Set the end year to change the entire timeline of your population.


Timelines.zip 19 MB


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Interesting experiment.


It's strange to say this, but this game hit me in a way few games have. I really love it. Thank you!


Loved this little experiment!